About Us

If you’re in search of Asian fusion cuisine with a Western twist, SOW will be one of your favourite places to dine – nothing fancy, just a natural blend of different ingredients and cultural influences, resulting in perfect harmony.

Located in the heart of Sheung Wan, SOW is a gourmet restaurant that serves elevated Western-Chinese food with the perfect pairing of wine. Remember to grab a seat and ask the sommelier for their professional recommendations.

Raphael’s passion for cooking was sparked while he was training as an intern and studying for hotel management 18 years ago. He has many years of experience in the industry and has worked in numerous establishments, from casual hole-in-the-walls to michelin star restaurants. He has had the privilege to train under many renowned chefs all over world which has shaped him into the chef he is today. For most of his career he was working with Chef Uwe Opocensky at The Mandarin Oriental Krug Room and Mandarin Grill. During that time he was able to develop the skills and techniques utilized in modern gastronomy, as well as travel to various countries to broaden his horizons. Most recently he was working with Chef Vicky Lau, named best female chef in Hong Kong. He had the privilege to work with her to obtain their second michelin star at TATE. During this time he was exposed to a different type of cuisine, one where Chinese and French flavors and techniques are blended together harmoniously. Raphael found this new trend in the industry to be both intriguing and challenging, encouraging him to continue applying both traditional and modern French techniques to Chinese ingredients at SOW. Chef Raphael was able to learn a tremendous amount from his past experience. He believes this new chapter will be a great opportunity to explore the unprecedented and continue to strive to become a better chef.